So you have a website.  Now you want people to be able to find you.  You want your site to show up in directories and search engines.  To do this you need to learn about meta tags and search engine optimization.  There are many resources that are available for free to give you guidance and instructions on how to optimize your website but it will take time and lots of work on your part.


If you're like most business professionals you already have a ton of responsibilities and  NOT enough time.  You don't need to add to the list by taking on a whole new load of work that could very well take time away from your ability to run your business.  So unless you're up for the challenge then we recommend utilizing our services.


Currently we are offering an unbelievable promotion on our "Search Engine" Submission plan.  For only $20/month we will submit your site to Yahoo, Altavista, Snap, Infoseek, Webcrawler, Lycos, Looksmart, Google & over 4000+ search engines and directories.  If you're not taking advantage of this offer you may be losing out on traffic and money.  With millions of web sites currently online, it is easy for your site to go un-noticed.  Research shows that 80% of all web surfers use search engines as their main source for finding the information they need.  For your site to rise above the competition and gain mass traffic, search engine submission to thousands of sites is mandatory.  Placement on the major search engines is not as important as mass submission to numerous sites. At an unbelievably low cost of $20 a month, you can have your site submitted monthly to over 4000+ search engines, link lists and classified ad sites, as well as have your site manually reviewed and submitted by a search engine guru. All of this for only $20 a month, for 6 or 12 months consecutive, (we submit every 30 days after your first submission) with no hidden costs or setup fees. What have you got to lose, for less than a dollar a day you can give your website what it deserves to get more traffic and make you more money!


Sign up for the 6 months Plan - $ 120
Sign-up for the 12 months Plan - $ 175 (a savings of more than 25% off)

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