With today's fast paced market your business needs to be up-to-date at all times in order to keep ahead of your competitors.


Most updates can be done within 48 hours after your request has been processed.  The list below will show some of the most common updates and their costs.


Our minimum charge for updating text, photos/pictures, adding new links to external websites is $45.00 per page or if you plan on having regular updates throughout each month you may want to take advantage of our monthly maintenance plan.


This plan allows you to call in as many updates (on a weekly basis) to your site as you'd like at a price anyone can afford.  The table below will compare the different costs available for each Plan depending on your needs.  These Plans DO NOT include E-commerce Sites or accounts with more than 100 pages.


Maintenance Plan Amount  
Plan A - 30 pages or less $ 70.00/month  
Plan B - 31 - 75 pages $ 85.00/month  
Plan C - 76 - 100 pages $ 100.00/month  
*For e-commerce or websites with more than 100 pages please
contact us for a custom quote.


Our maintenance plan does not include adding new pages or re-designing the site.  For upgrades or additional options for your website please click here.


However, if you wish to make your own updates we will gladly give you a copy of your site on a CD.  You must have some HTML knowledge, have access to an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage etc., as well as an FTP Program.  Sorry but we do not offer support if you choose to do your own updates.

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